Jo Portus

Interactive Developer

What I do?

I'm an senior interactive developer at McCann Manchester. I develop apps, games and installations for brands like Shire, Nestle, Aldi, Mecca Bingo and Siemens.

The Trouble with Dragons

"The Trouble with Dragons is a charming interactive storybook written for children with ADHD. Driven by touch, tilt and sound, it helps children (and adults) understand more about ADHD and how to manage it."


We won a FWA mobile of the day on December 13 2015.

We also won two Bronze and a Silver at the IPA best of health awards

Snow globe

An interactive snow globe connected to the internet, with a low latency webcam and buttons on the website that let people change the lights, make the snowman dance and make it snow; and then see the affects in real time.

It was a bit like magic.

The Xylocane

An ongoing experiment in musical interaction. It uses a Leap Motion controller to interact with a automated xylophone I've made. Its working title was The Auto Xylo Proto Uno Leapo but no one could remember the name.